Andaman Nicobar Islands Tourism Facilities


Andaman Nicobar Islands Tourism Facilities

Information on Tourism Facilities in Andaman

Here is list of Tourism Facilities in Andaman

Shopping : Shopping is another important activity of the tourists. They feel relaxed when they go for shopping. They want to buy and take the product which is the specialty of the particular destination. Port Blair city is very famous for a variety of handicrafts. Both Indian tourists and foreign tourists purchase the handicrafts and present the same to their kith and kin, friends and relatives, teachers and students, doctors and patients, temples, mosques, churches, gurudhuwaras as the symbol of their visit to this lush green paradise with a pride that it is made in A&N Islands. Some tourists keep the product as the show piece in their own house as a matter of prestige. Dancing dolls of different varieties, shell lamps, shell decorative, shell hanging lamps, sari tops, table weights, shell saucers, pen stands, timber-made fish turtles, eagles, dinosaurs, shell-made rings, nacklace, kumkum, pots etc. are very famous and specialized items of these islands. Tourists spend a lot of amount on shopping but comparatively less than the other part of their expenses. After the shopping is over, tourists can enjoy Andaman special “samosa” infront of Mount Batten theatre, Middle Point, Port Blair and Andaman Special pan almost in every shop.

Water Sports: In A&N Islands there is no river which can provide boating facility to the tourists. But for the purpose of boating there are water sports complexes available in the Port Blair city. Shippighat water sports complex, Gandhi Park Water Sports complex Andaman water sports complex, Carbynscove tourism complex are the famous water sports’ complexes. Of these, Shippighat water sports complex is managed by sports Authority of India (SAI) in order to train the local youth in water sports like, Kayaking, Canoeing, Sailing, Swimming and other sports activities. At present, the Shippighat complex offers water sports facility to the tourists also. Children below 5 years are not allowed or permitted. The Gandhi Park Water Sports Complex and Andaman Water Sports Complex are organized and managed by the department of tourism, A&N Administration. All these water sports facilities’ are provided on all days. There are two types of water sports namely, safe water sports and adventure water sports.

The timings for the water sports are as follows:

  1. Safe water sports – 8.00 hrs-20.00hrs (8.00 AM to 8.00 PM)
  2. Adventure water sports – 8.00 hrs — 17.00 hrs (8.00 AM to 5 .00 PM)

‘Two seater paddle boats, four seater paddle boats, kayaks, rowing boats, motor boats, sail yachts etc. are the types of hour duration. Snorkels, life boats given to the tourists at very nominal rates for half-an-hour life buoys are also available in the complexes. The telephone numbers to be contacted are 30799 & 30898.

Clubs/Associations: Clubs are also contributing their valuable services to the promotion of Tourism Industry. In Andaman and Nicobar Islands the important clubs are Tamizar Snagam, Bengali Club, Lions Club, Rotary Club, Rotrac Club, NGO’s Association, ACTA, Kerala Samgam, YMCA, Maharastra Mandal, Andhra Association, Hindi Sahitya Kala Parishada and Kannada Sangam etc. All clubs have membership fees. These associations / clubs organise may functions, speeches, talks and programmes highlighting the socio cultural economic activities of these Islands. They invite scholars from the mainland and entertain them. They organise sports competition activity, participate in special regional festivals like Chitra Vizha, Thiruvalluvar Vizha, Durga Puja, Pongal Vizha, literary talks etc., with some cultural programmes. Tourists from the particular regions go and witness or even sometimes participate in the programme.

Swimming Pool: Till 1994, A&N Islands, the city has only one salt water swimming pool which was constructed inside the sea. One can swim in the pool when there is favourable tide. The Lt.Governor of A&N Island has initiated and constructed another swimming pool inside the Jimkhanna ground. It is very beautiful looking,has international standard and is really a wonderful facility provided to the tourists. It is situated in just 1 km from bus terminus. Beside these swimming pools, the hotel Bay Island of welcome group also has swimming pool faciltiy.

Banks : There are 11 banks-10 commercial banks and one Cooperative Bank – with all the facilities in A&N Islands They have their own branches in different Islands. These banks are SBI, Canara Bank, Syndicate Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, United Bank, UCO Bank, Punjab National Bank, Vijaya Bank, Andaman State Cooperative Bank, Indian Bank, Allahabad Bank. The facility of exchanging foreign currency is limited to the main branch of State Bank of India and Indian Overseas Bank. The other hotel organizations namely Hotel Bay Island, Sinclairs bay view Hotel Pearless Resort, Hotel Shompen also have the facility of exchanging foreign currencies and accepting the travellers’ cheque.

Post and Telegraph: Post and telegraph is the nervous system of any country and it is considered the most important for the A&N Islands. Here people live only on the effective working of the post and telegraph system. The city Port Blair has only one head Post office. But the working hours of this post office are from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM. There are 33 sub post offices and 64 branches of Post Office with 244 letter boxes. Only one telegraphic office is situated in the Port Blair city. The other Post Offices have the facility of booking telegrams. Inter-Islands urgent messages are passed through wireless and signal system.

Hospitals: Hospitals/Medical facilities are provided by the Andaman and Nicobar Administration through the Department of Health, headed by the Director of Health Services. G.B.Pant Hospital is the biggest hospital with all its facilities situated in Port Blair just behind the Cellular Jail. Besides this hospital, there are amenities like Primary Health Centre, Community Health Centers, Sub-Centers, Dispensary, Urban Health Centre, functioning in the different places of these islands. The doctors working in these hospitals and centres are prohibited to practice privately. Medical facilities, provided by the health department, are free including medicines and injections. X-ray, Ecg etc. Serious patients of inter-islands who require special and specialized treatment are sent to the nearest specialized hospital or to Port Blair G.B.Pant Hospital either by special boat or by helicopter. In case of problematic conditions, they are sent to mainland hospitals (Chennai or Calcutta). Till recent past there were no private hospitals in these islands. But of late, the private clinics have come up with relatively less facilities for the emergency treatment.

Cinema: Cinema is an important means of entertainment, particularly for home tourists. But in A&N Islands there are no cinema studios and professional shooting is not done here. The films are brought from the mainland and screened in these islands (only in the city). From the tourists’ point of view there are only 5 cinema theaters in this territory and all are situated in Port Blair city only. No cinema hall is meant for any particular regional movies. All halls show all movies in all languages. All cinema halls hold three shows daily. Tamil, Hindi, movies are shown more. Other language movies are occasional. English movies are comparatively rare. The names and addresses of the Cinema halls are:-

  1. Mount Batten Talkies – Middle Point Port Blair 744101
  1. Light House – Gandhi Nagar Near LIC Building, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Port Blair -744101
  1. Anand Paradis – School Line, Port Blair 744104
  1. Ansari Talkies Dairy Farm, Port Blair 744103
  1. Dweepika Hall – Buniyadabad, (Restricted Indian Navy)
  1. Swapna Theatre – Dollygunj, Photography in Andaman

Photography: Photography occupies an important place in tourism activity. Tourists do not get full satisfaction if they have not taken photos of the important places liked by them. Some tourists would like to have immediate developing and printing. Here in Andamans, Photo studios,

Photographers, Private video operators, Video filming facilities are available. A beautiful colour lab and processing unit named Nice Colour Lab attached with New Prabhat Studio is in Delanipur junction, just 1/2 km from Port Blair bus terminus. Films are processed, developed and printed within 1 hr. Films, suitable for all cameras, are available in Andamans. There is no restriction on taking photographs except in tribal areas and some vital installations. The addresses of the photographers and studios are

  1. Studio Monalisa Dairy Farm Port Blair- 744103
  2. New Prabhat Studio Junglighat Port Blair 744103
  3. Das Studio Junglighat Port Blair 744103
  4. Sapna Studio Aberdeen Bazar Port Blair 744101
  5. Sapna Colour Lab and Video Division, Gurunanak Market, Aberdeen Bazar
  6. Nithya Colour Lab Middle Point Port Blair 744101
  7. Somu Studio Aberdeen Bazar


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