Binsar – perfect fusion of mythology and nature

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The fabulous perspective of the Nanda Kot, Nanda Devi, Chaukhambha and Kedarnath will influence you to experience passionate feelings for this Binsar. It is a sublime and quiet escape from the blaring buzz of the city. Offering the best homestays, it is a definitive place to get the entire bits of knowledge about the ‘Dev Bhoomi’. Zero Point takes the lime light to provide exciting perspectives of the Himalayan pinnacles.

What not to miss?

Touring – Go for a nature walk and experience the exceptional touring

Photography – ‘Shoot’ everything without exception you like

Lazing around – Holidays are tied in with unwinding

Trekking – get drew in into trekking

Safaris to the Binsar untamed life haven – This wilderness ride will give you a portion of the best of the perspectives of your life


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