Eiffel Tower Vs Tokyo Tower: See The Difference

Eiffel Tower during evening

Eiffel Tower Vs Tokyo Tower

Who hasn’t heard and longed for Eiffel Tower?! Be that as it may, Tokyo Tower? All things considered, odds are, you may not think about the last unless you’ve been arranging a trek or have been to Japan. Strangely, both the specified towers look very comparable. Tokyo Tower is without a doubt a well known fascination in Tokyo City.

What’s more, despite the fact that they resemble an identical representation of each other, there are undoubtedly numerous contrasts between the two. Henceforth, here is an extreme blog entry, ‘Eiffel Tower versus Tokyo Tower’, contrasting both in various parameters!

1. Which is taller

Eiffel Tower during evening

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Tokyo Tower during evening

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The difference between the height of the two is not too much. While Eiffel Tower is 324 meters till the tip, Tokyo Tower is taller, with a height of 333 meters.

2. Which type of travelers does each serve mainly to

Eiffel Tower

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Tokyo Tower

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As we all know Eiffel Tower stands as an emblem of love, and is majorly targeted by honeymooners across the world, Tokyo Tower is visited by all kinds of travelers whether it’s a family vacation or honeymoon. Even though we do see families visiting the Eiffel Tower, but the majority is often of love birds.


3. Which one is more crowded

Eiffel blossom
Tokyo Tower during the cherry blossom

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Talking about the tourist crowd, you might be thinking that the Eiffel Tower would be more crowded than the Tokyo Tower, but actually both are equal in this aspect. Even though Eiffel Tower is world renowned, Tokyo Tower, despite being a lesser-known attraction, attracts many travelers, especially those visiting Tokyo or its vicinity.

4. View from the towers

View from the Eiffel Tower
View from Tokyo Tower

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The view from the top of Eiffel is about Champ de Mars, Avenue Foch, low rise well-arrayed French buildings and of course the glittering River Seine. The Eiffel Tower is located amidst an huge open area. Creating a contrast here, if you reach the top of Tokyo Tower, you’ll see a stunning cityscape! There are skyscrapers and busy streets seen from this beauty.

5. Experiences offered

dinner in Eiffel Tower

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Glass floor in Tokyo Tower

Both Eiffel Tower and Tokyo Tower offer a myriad of experiences for the travelers who are visiting.

Talking about Eiffel Tower, the main highlight surely are the fine dining restaurants that keep your spirits high with delicious food, stunning view and age old French wines. The Esplanade is a lovely walking space right below the tower. This level has sculptures, gift shops and eateries. The first floor, or the transparent floor is at a height of 57 meters. Beside the glass flooring, immersion show and cultural path are star attractions of this level. Second floor mainly consists of the iconic Jules Verne Restaurant. Walk towards the glass-walled lift and to reach Vertigo, the top level at a height of 276 meters. The panoramic views, Gustave Eiffel’s office and the Champagne Bar surely steal the show here.

Tokyo Tower has two observatories. The first one (Called Main Observatory) is at a height of 150 meters. Right from this point you can enjoy a 360 degrees view of the Kanto region. You can also relax at the coffee shop or spend time shopping. The Special Observatory is located at a height of 250 meters. This floor features a glass bottom floor section, and you can view not just the city but also Mount Fuji and Mount Tsukuba.

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Other tourist information

Eiffel Tower at night

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Tokyo Tower at night

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Eiffel Tower

Timing: 9:30 am to 11:45 pm
Entry charges: 10 Euro onwards for adults
There are special timing and entry charges, click here for information)
Best time to visit: Around the year
Built in: 1887

Tokyo Tower
Timing: 9:00 am to 11:00 pm
Entry charges: 900 Yen onwards for adults
Best time to visit: Around the year
Built in: 1957

Both the towers, in spite of looking strikingly similar, have their own charm. Even though Eiffel Tower has been in your bucket list since a long time, it’s time you make another addition to this list, the Tokyo Tower!


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