Enjoy Luxury and Hospitality at India’s oldest Tea Estate


The Singtom Tea Estate has the refinement of being the most established tea homes in India. This was one of the primary reasons that I needed to visit this tea resort. Obviously, remaining amidst a sprawling tea cultivate is dependably a much needed development from our day by day life. The home was constructed path in 1862 and the tea gardens were infact, a piece of the Steinthal Tea Estate. It was the first of the tea manors that occurred in Darjeeling, which was where Darjeeling tea ranch occurred without precedent for 1852.

Singtom Tea Estate is along these lines India’s first and a standout amongst the most excellent tea domains in India. Arranged only 20 km from Darjeeling town, the tea home traverses over a hollering 1600 sections of land and stretches over a huge scene of sprawling tea gardens, woods, regular cascades and a waterway coursing through the domain towards the base of the slopes. As a visitor of the resort, you can get to these.

India's oldest Tea

The normal stature of the Singtom Tea bequest is around 4500 ft. The resort and the tea processing plant are both situated inside the garden. The tea home creates a portion of the best natural teas of Darjeeling. The nature of the tea relies upon the height of the place. The more the elevation, the better the nature of the tea. The Singtom Tea Estate, being at a higher height delivers fine nature of Darjeeling Tea – dark, green and white speaking to various flavors and grades…..


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