The fastest running trains in the world, disappear only after the blinking


world’s 5 fastest trains

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Shinzo Abe of India and Japan laid the foundation stone of the Ahmedabad-Mumbai-High Speed ​​Rail (MAHSR) project (known by the popular name of  Ahmedabad-Mumbai Bullet Train) in Sabarmati on Tuesday. This project will be a new era in the direction of security, speed and public service and it will be helpful in making Indian Railways an international leader in the field of expansion, speed and skill. In India, the train will run at 320 kmph.
Today we are going to tell you that, about the world’s 5 fastest trains.

Deutsche Ban-Ice

which runs at a speed of 329 kilometers per hour. These trains are run in Germany. ICE means the Intercity Express in the Deutsche Ban-ICE. This is a TYPE of High Speed ​​EMU Train.

The Renfrew Ave

Which runs in Spain, which runs on tracks with speeds of 350 kilometers per hour. These trains are run between most of the big cities located on the long route to Spain.

Tranitalia Fresiarosa 

Whose speed is 354 kilometers per hour. This train, which runs in Europe, is also called RED ARROW. It was launched in 2015. Superb interior, café, snack bar are the specialties. There are 8 coaches in this train of 202 meters.

Harmony CRH380A

which runs at speeds of 380 kilometers per hour. This train was first launched in China in 2010. It runs from Beijing to Shanghai. If you sit in this train, you have a home-like appearance. Because it does not shake during the trip. It was made after research in the University of China.

Shanghai Maglev

which runs at 430 kmph. The maximum speed of this train is 430 km / h and the average speed is 251 km / h. It was first introduced in China in 2004. This train works on the magnetic levitation theory. The length of the train is 153 meters, width is 3.7 meters, height is 4.2 meters. 574 passengers can travel this train at a time


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