Glimpse of Nidhivan in Vrindavan


Nidhivan is one of the spiritual, sacred and maximum mysterious vicinity in Vrindavan. Things that make Nidhivan a mysterious vicinity are the memories and myths about Lord Krishna and Radha. Nidhivan is included with small timber which are known as Vana Tulsi (wild Basil). As in line with the legends, Swami Haridas changed into a divine saint and a superb devotee of lord Krishna additionally called Banke Bihari in Vrindavan. Seeing Haridas’s devotion, non secular aspirations and hard penance, Lord Krishna came in his dream and additionally appeared in front of him. The region wherein he regarded is now known as PrakatyaSathal (vicinity of appearance of shree bihari ji).

Thousands of pilgrims from around the country come here during the day. The temple and Nidhivan is closed after the evening aarti as it is said and believed that Lord Krishna & Radha appear in the night to perform their Ras Leela (spiritual activities) And if anyone is present there to see that either he/she becomes dumb, deaf, blind or even dies. Hence, no one is allowed to stay inside the premise. Even all animals including monkeys leave Nidhivan after evening aarti i.e. around 8 pm.

Anyone who tried to see Lord Krishna and Radha during the Raasleela, he/she was not found hale and hearty in the morning to disclose the spiritual secret of Lord Radhkrishna. Another thing which is a bit mysterious is the shape and size of the trees. Trees in Nidhivan are believed to be Gopis. One interesting observation is that they are very short and entangled to each other. Which is seen as love between themselves.

No matter what the stories and myths say about the place. Nidhivan is one of the best places to experience and feel the religion and spirituality.


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