Flight may start from Indore to Dubai

Indore to Dubai Direct Flight 
Indore to Dubai Direct Flight 

Indore to Dubai Direct Flight

If everything is okay then from mid-next year, flights from Indore can be started directly for Dubai . About 1500 people go abroad every year from the state Most of them are from Indore. Airlines officials have talked with their headquarters about starting the flight soon.

The meeting took place at the airport on Monday. Along with the airport director, the officers of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Travel Agent Association of India, were present. Airport director Aryama Sanyal said that we are developing the airport according to the master plan of 2050. In the next few years, Indore Airport will be the most important airport in Madhya Bharat. People from nearby states will also come here. We will keep the airport open for 24 hours. Therefore, international flights should be started from here.

Sources said that the airlines officials want to start flights from here, but there was no doubt about getting the passengers. On this, Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh State Secretary Hemadarsinh Jadoon said that from Indore two days international flight can be started from now, for which enough passengers will be available from here. People from the state will be here if they get direct connectivity from Indore.

Jadoun told that we told the airlines that about 1500 people go abroad every month from the state. From here, a weekly flight can be started for Dubai , which will connect us to almost all major countries. Most people have liked this proposal. Now the employees of the airline have spoken of giving information to the headquarters.

Sumit Suri, president of Indore Hotel Honors Association, said that the amount of load the airline goes from Indore. Nowadays people are going abroad for the school’s foreign trip, medical tourism, marriage, honeymoon. They are different then those who go roaming. If the airlines think, then start the flight from here and take it to Delhi. From where other passengers can sit and go abroad.

At least 150 passengers are required

Sources said that three airlines, Jet, Indigo and Airindia officials told that their 150 seater goes to the plane to go abroad. There is no smaller plane than this. That’s why so many travelers are important. Most of the members said that so many passengers will get comfortable.

CII officials told that they had surveyed 20 large companies in the city, of which about 600 employees have been asked to go on an overseas tour every month. There are about 150 such companies in Indore alone. Now another survey will be done. There will be a meeting again in this regard in January. There will be new figures of hotels and travels.


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