nathula road trip


There are those travel destinations which are perfect for one-time visits, and then there are those which you re-visit time and again. Sikkim is like an old champagne that tastes better each time you open its cork. The charm of places to visit in Gangtok and other tourism hotspots of Sikkim are like a magnet attracting you towards them after every few years. Sikkim, especially Gangtok, has got to be one of the most repeated travel destinations in India! And why shouldn’t it be, Sikkim tourism is blessed with such a long list of spellbinding destinations!

But if you are after a truly memorable experience then a road trip to Nathula Pass should be your travel choice! Nathula Pass, situated in East Sikkim, is 52 KM away from Gangtok. This Pass has great historical importance for it was once a part of the ancient Silk Route. The journey from Gangtok to Nathula Pass is a treat for the eyes, as these mountainous road come up with thrills and beauties in every curve. If you are looking for some fresh ideas, apart from visiting the popular Gangtok tourism sights, then a drive down to Nathu La (as the locals often term it) is a perfect option.

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