six extraordinary approaches to investigate Dubai’s sand-ocean

Hot air ballooning

From driving huge motors at huge ridges or speeding around lunar scenes on a moon carriage to floating over the sparkling sand-ocean at sunrise or investigating on camel-back, we investigate the heap approaches to investigate the destroy excellence of Dubai’s desert on a break to the emirate.

six great ways to explore Dubai’s sand-sea

Clearing crosswise over mainlands, there are few places more ideal for idealism than the world’s hopeless and wonderful deserts. The desert city of Dubai is encompassed by an epic Arabian scene of sand pads and floating hills that stretch the extent that the eye can see. Explorers searching for an exciting ride or calm thought in an other-common place can become mixed up in Dubai’s one of a kind normal play area – here’s the secret.

Hot pursuits

1. Dune bashing

Dune bashing

Clutch your caps on a thrilling voyage over the moving orange-tinged rises of Dubai’s sandsea on board a vigorous four-by-four. With an accomplished ridge basher in charge, solid huge drive vehicles handle piles of sand at speed, flying over peaks and knocking down inclines in an unmistakable and tranquil scene. As a component of the experience, there’s a stop to catch the scene on camera before taking off to a conventional Bedouin camp for dinner at nightfall.

2. Quad biking

duabi Quad biking

Quad biking in Arabia resembles renting your own moon carriage to zoom around the lunar scene. It’s an extremely fun approach to investigate the desert, giving you a buzz of enterprise as you handle bumped hills and speed along level fields of sand. The best quad-biking spot in Dubai is Al Hamar, interpreted as Big Red and named after its transcending reddish brown shaded pile of sand not a long way from the city limits. You can procure quad bicycles and protective caps by the half hour and investigate your encompasses unhindered, finishing a characteristic track the desert landscape.

3. Hot air ballooning

Hot air ballooning

There are couple of more elegant or sentimental approaches to see a scene than in a hot air expand, taking off at day break to see the sparkling sands of the desert moving through the shading range as the sun moves over the skyline. With over fifteen years encounter and a top notch wellbeing ethic, Balloon Adventures Dubai works visits with departures at first light from Dubai Desert Reserve to take off in excess of a thousand meters above wave-like sandseas, desert springs and meandering natural life with the barbed pinnacles of the Hajar Mountains developing out yonder. Half-day visits incorporate flights with a specialist and experienced pilot and a luxurious breakfast including caviar, salmon and eggs benedict. For an uncommon curve, you can pick a visit with one of Dubai’s occupant champion hawks in the interest of personal entertainment in the inflatable container. When you arrive there’s likewise the choice to proceed with the involvement with a vintage open-top jeep ride over the desert to an extravagance Bedouin camp.

4. Sand-boarding and dune jumping

Sand-boarding and dune jumping

The environment couldn’t be more different in terms of climate and makeup, but Dubai has something in common with the alpine mountains – smooth slopes and a soft landing. Rather than sliding down on a snowboard, you can strap on a sand-board for a similar experience on the dunes, just much hotter. Adventure tour company Dream Explorer Dubai offers half-day sand-boarding sessions out in a scenic desert location reached by Hummer. Alternatively you can hire boards at Big Red (Al Hamar) and try it out for yourself.Much as you might leap down mountain snow-drifts with the soft stuff breaking you fall, so you can go dune-jumping in Dubai’s desert. Scramble up a steep gradient and make the leap with a guaranteed soft landing, no gimmicks or equipment required.

5. Vintage safaris

duabi vintage safaris

Tour the desert in style in one of Platinum Heritage’s fleet of gorgeous open-topped 1950s jeeps. The vintage vehicles make you feel like an old-world explorer, charting the desert in the days before easy access and commercial travel. A variety of packages include a day tour culminating in a night in a private luxury desert camp.

6. Camel rides and treks

Camel rides and treks

Climb aboard the ancient ships of the desert – as camels are often referred to in the region – for a quintessential Arabian experience exploring the desert at sunrise during winter or sunset during summer. Camel riding tours with ground tour operator Arabian Adventures take in the beautiful vistas of Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve where the sands are at their most magical, glittering gold, orange, red and purple, as the light changes. The route passes feeding stations where there’s a good chance of spotting desert dwellers such as gazelle and Arabian oryx, and includes a stop by the lakes for a glass of bubbly.

Arabian nights

Arabian nights

To truly fall in love with Dubai’s desert hinterland, you can spend the night in one of a few luxury desert resorts and experience the serenity, ever-changing light and wild inhabitants of this alien landscape. Just 14 miles beyond the city’s bounds, Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa is a private oasis and lavish fort offering guests the perfect gateway to the desert with four-by-four safaris, camel rides among the dunes, Arabian falconry demonstrations and more.

duabi arabian nights

Another top spot for overnighting in the desert is Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa, set within Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and providing a glamping experience with all the bells and whistles. Like a high-end Arabian safari lodge, luxury Bedouin-style tents feature comfy double beds and private plunge pools looking out onto the desert, and packages include guided wildlife-spotting hikes through the dunes and tours by jeep.

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