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It is just about a plainchant of greenery and mountains when you choose to travel to South Indian goals. The simple to-hardest trekking spots, astonishing cascades, shining backwoods, appealing tea bequest courses and structurally culminate fortresses and sanctuaries are spread crosswise over states. The part is the wonderful amalgamation of Western Ghats timberland and seashore planets.

Today, let us read the chits of a couple of magnificent south Indian trekking and visiting spots:

Dudhsagar Waterfalls Trek – Goa

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Dudhsagar Waterfalls is a 4-layered fall set at the tallness of 310 meters on Mondovi River in the territory of Goa nearly at the fringe of Karnataka and Kerala. On different glances, the fall looks like the ocean of drain which legitimizes its name.

The trek is here for all trekkers, nature sweethearts and any individual who might want to set a home beautiful perspective of environment. You can take the woodland course of Western Ghats to land at the fantastic universe of extraordinary perspectives embellished with thick lavish green and periodic spots of untamed life animals. A significant energizing guide for the principal South India goal!
Soothing South Goa & Dudhsagar Falls

Sakleshpur Trek – Karnataka

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Especially Agni Gudda in Sakleshpur has been the best trekking goals for all the continuous and additionally amateurs. The Agni Gudda Hills, which implies Fiery Mountain, can give a dawn or dusk see on the drift at one side and the lavish green scene perspective of rice oars and timberland.

Sakleshpur trek is likewise well known for Manjarabad Fort, built by Tipu Sultan, which was utilized for key barrier zone. While you are en route to achieving the highest point of the mountain, you can spot delightful Magajahalli Waterfalls or Abbi falls which can add to the melody of nature with 20 feet high course stable. Would you be able to hear it now?

Shade Hills Camping in Vattakanal – Tamil Nadu

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They say that gone are the days when you could celebrate the quietness of wilderness yet Canopy Hills Camping demonstrates them off-base. Arranged in Vattakanal, Canopy Hills tour brings back the melodic adventure cascades, green grass secured mountains, winged animal spots and natural life animals in the midst of the gentle chilly sparkling climate under the moving mists.
Setting open air fire in this astounding atmosphere could recuperate you from any of your terrible recollections and revitalize the new life in you.


Cycling Tour to Wayanad – Kerala

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Cycling is truly outstanding to investigate the social and normal foundation of wherever and Wayanad cycling tour aims precisely the same. This 25-30 kms of paddling out and about, road and messy paths in the midst of espresso ranch and tea bequests would give you a chance to make tracks in an opposite direction from the standard mess of your life. In the way, you will take a look at hypnotizing green backwoods, untamed life and cascades.
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Nagalapuram Camping – Andhra Pradesh

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Goodness don’t withdraw, we haven’t secured Andhra Pradesh yet! Nagalapuram is one of the hailed goals by every single customary trekker for outdoors, investigation and grand view. Arranged in Chittoor area, the place is popular for Vedanarayana Swamy sanctuary.

Nagalapuram camping opens up with the puzzling thick Eastern Ghats backwoods visit took after by Nagalapuram succumbs to unwinding and all encompassing perspective at the highest point of the mountain. A best a place to visit with loved ones!

In any of our excursions, our master group guarantees your security and specialized help while you figure out how to gel with your group in a wide range of experience sports.

Book one of our trekking outings such as Dudhsagar Waterfalls Trek and Anthargange Camping to encounter the delight of strolling in the midst of mountains and investigating wilderness for an appealling perspective of cascades.

Amid the trekking trips, our master group guides you through all the importa

During the trekking trips, our expert team guides you through all the important routes with full information about the places while protecting you from any upcoming danger.


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