Things You Should Know about Camel Safari in Rajasthan


It isn’t simpler to appreciate camel ride, all over the place. This is the fundamental motivation to why camel safari is an essential vacation destination in numerous desert areas, including Rajasthan.

Talented with the strong Thar desert area, Rajasthan is the fundamental spot of camel based attractions in India. Among various camel attractions like camel reasonable, camel excellence challenge, camel race and others, camel safari is the best decision movement for voyagers going by Rajasthan.

An excursion to Rajasthan is never total without a camel ride. This article is about camel safari.

Area of Camel Safari

Area of Camel


All spots from desert filled Jaisalmer to urban locale of Jaipur give camel safari. You should discover that no two locales give a similar style of safaris. For example, Jaisalmer camel safari is connected with desert, sand ridges and long safaris.

Bikaner is popular for structural camel safari, which takes up a course to covers great designs, havelis, royal residences and others. In a few spots like Jaipur, camel safari is utilized for investigating customary towns. The notable place to appreciate camel safari is the sand ridges of Jaisalmer.

Length of Camel Safari

Camel Safari in Rajasthan

The span of a camel safari relies upon the specialist co-op and you. When you appreciate a camel safari to a desert camp, it is normally 30 minutes of camel safari and afterward 4 WD or the other way around.

Camel Safari in

This is because of the way that camel ride is extremely rough and can cause back agony for the individuals who have no involvement and particularly in old grown-ups. Along these lines, in the event that you are striving for the plain first time, appreciate short safari.

On the off chance that you can adjust to the provincial ride, appreciate long safaris. Try not to agree to accept 4-day camel safari on the specific first visit to Rajasthan. On the off chance that coveted, you can appreciate desert outdoors, where you can appreciate camel safari as and when you feel, amid your remain.

Cost of Camel Safari

Cost of Camel safari might be changes relying on the offices you pick. Standard rate of camel safari is begins from 500 to 2500 for each individual, every day including dinners. Costs can be arranged.


Indeed, camel safari can be debilitating, given the warmth of sun in desert. There is a misguided judgment that shorter garments will decrease the impact of moistness. The length of your dress has nothing to do with dampness and you wind up presenting more skin to the furious sun prompting sunburn. Top things to pack amid your safari are



Sunscreen (apply sunscreen even on your nails)

Cover and sweaters in the event that you are wanting to remain in desert for the night.

Convey a towel to spread and sit, while resting. Try not to sit on uncovered sand, amid both day and night.

While pressing, likewise include however much water as could be expected. Wear cotton apparel, covering the greater part of your body. White and gentle hues are superior to dark as, dark sucks in more radiation than lighter hues.

Best time to visit for Camel Safari

Best time to visit for Camel Safari

Camel safari in Rajasthan

Camel safaris are accessible consistently. In any case, summer would transform you into dried tomatoes. In this way, keep away from summer and the brief blustery season.

The winter begins in November and closures in February. This is the best time to visit for camel safari. Walk is likewise satisfying, in spite of the fact that a late spring month.

Run of the mill Camel Safari

A run of the mill camel safari has a begin point and end, which would be scaled on a camel, while the camel coach strolls alongside the camel. On the off chance that you were wanting to appreciate desert camel safari, you would take 4 WD from the edge of the desert to a camel point.

You would begin the camel ride from the point and would go to a campground where you would watch nightfall, appreciate exercises and considerably more.

If there should arise an occurrence of town safari, you would be driven in a vehicle up to the outskirt of the towns and you would take up camel ride from that point, through essential streets of the town.

Travel Tips to remember

Travel Tips to remember

Camel safari in Rajasthan

Because you just took a camel safari, don’t consider you a specialist and jump on any stray camels you spot.

Try not to prod or hurt the camels. In the event that your camel coach requests that you not kick the camel, don’t do as such. Camels are extremely tall than you can envision and can run quicker than you can envision. Be alarm, dependably.

Don’t indiscriminately pick a safari supplier. Shop around and pick the person who encourages you appreciate the encompassing and give a best involvement in Rajasthan.

Ensure that water, outdoors offices, bed, covers, suppers and different offices are accessible in the bundle that you are picking. If not, make course of action for every one of your necessities.

Truly, Sam sand hills of Jaisalmer is the best to appreciate camel safari. Think about what, everybody knows this and the place will be very swarmed amid tourism season. There are various sand ridges around the region and you can appreciate a private ordeal and outlandish photograph involvement.

Try not to surmise that camel safari is just for well-off voyagers. There are variations of safaris for all financial plans. You can scale the desert for thirty minutes or appreciate an extravagance camp excursion amidst the desert for two or three days.

Try not to get housed inside the tent constantly. Exit and appreciate the beautiful sky, have a sentimental supper on the sand and appreciate.

Try not to drink alcohol amid camel safari. Regardless of the amount you contend, alcohol won’t hydrate you and you really would wind up got dried out quicker than common.

Wear shoes while safari. Shoes may seem like a decent alternative, be that as it may, the sand will be broiler hot and your feet would consume when it interacts with the sand.

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