Top Places to Visit & Things to Do in Nepal


Nepal is a standout amongst the most dazzling spot that you can visit while being on an occasion, there are different travel encounters that one can appreciate while being on a holiday in Nepal Get Things to Do in Nepal and appreciate a visit while being in Nepal. Nepal has a considerable measure of vacation spots that you have to visit and be captivated by. It is a standout amongst the most stunning goals of the world that has a ton to offer to the sightseers.

These are the best places to visit and activities that you can appreciate while being on a Nepal occasion.


Things to Do in Nepal

Pokhara is one lovely place that you can visit while being there on an occasion, you can sit and unwind while being close lake Phewa, Pokhara which is an incredible place that you can appreciate while being there. Pokhara is likewise celebrated by the name of ‘Passage to Annapurna Circuit,’ as this place is extraordinary for paragliding as you can appreciate some superb enterprises while being here. This place will charm you with its excellence and has everything that would influence you to feel like you are in some mystical place with your family. You can witness the wonderful River Seti where you can appreciate some extraordinary stream boating enterprises. Thus, simply ahead and book a trip to Nepal.



Things to Do in Nepal

Kathmandu is a standout amongst the most well known spots that you can witness in Kathmandu, this place is the capital city of Nepal. This place gives the voyagers a considerable measure of chances for investigation. Kathmandu is an incredible place for enterprise/trekkers and you can likewise appreciate the brilliant perspective of the ultra popular Mount Everest while being in Kathmandu. This place is likewise popular for journey visit, as this place additionally has the well known sanctuary, Pashupati Nath. You can likewise attempt the superb Nepali food while being in Nepal. Appreciate a great Nepal occasion bundle.


Things to Do in Nepal

Bhaktapur is a really famous place that has rich architecture and many Hindu temples, you would be mesmerised by the wonderful architecture and art while being in Bhaktapur. This place is a favourite among the devotees. You can enjoy wonderful architecture in the Bhaktapur Durbar Square. You can also shop for a lot of souvenirs, pottery, puppets, masks and cultural handicrafts while being here.

Sagarmatha National Park

Things to Do in Nepal

Sagarmatha National Park is really near to the Mount Everest. This place is spread in an area of 1148 sq km, Sagarmatha also houses the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest (8848 m) and many other high peaks such as Lhotse, Cho Oyu,Thamserku, Nuptse, Amadablam and Pumori. Sagarmatha is also a great place for trekking in Nepal and you can enjoy stunning views of Everest and the Himalayan Range from here. This place also houses the unique flora and fauna such as rare Snow Leopard species. Enjoy a wonderful tour to Nepal.


Things to Do in Nepal

This is one of the three royal cities of Nepal, Patan or Lalitpur or Yala and is really a sight to enjoy. Patan is famous for its rich architecture, fantastic wood carvings and an air of spirituality. This place once had 1200 monuments and is a great place for a holiday.


Things to Do in Nepal

Lumbini is a really famous holy place that will surely leave an imprint on your soul. This place is said to be the birthplace of Lord Buddha, it is a really famous pilgrimage destination in Nepal that has a lot of peace and calmness that will make you visit this place again and again. This is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Nepal that you can visit, You would be mesmerized to visit the famous Maya Devi Temple, which is situated amidst a large park that comprises of lakes and monasteries. Get yourself Nepal spiritual tour packages and embark on a journey that will take you closer to the almighty and witness the power in your own self.


Things to Do in Nepal

Janakpur is a fabulous place that you just have to visit while being in Nepal. This place has a lot of historical significance, you would also want to experience the vibrant culture and traditions of this wonderful place, this place also hold a lot of religious significance. This place is also the birthplace of Lord Rama’s consort, Sita and this is also the famous place for Hindu devotees. This place is also said to be the famous place where Lord Ram and Sita got married.


Things to Do in Nepal

Kathmandu is a champion among the most understood spots that you can witness in Kathmandu, this place is the capital city of Nepal. This place gives the voyagers an impressive measure of chances for examination. Kathmandu is a unimaginable place for big business/trekkers and you can moreover welcome the splendid point of view of the ultra well known Mount Everest while being in Kathmandu. This place is in like manner prevalent for travel visit, as this place also has the notable asylum, Pashupati Nath. You can moreover endeavor the wonderful Nepali sustenance while being in Nepal. Value a great Nepal event package.


Things to Do in Nepal

You should also visit the really famous Boudhanath stupa that happens to be the most famous place in the history of Nepal, you would be excited to tour this famous place while being in Nepal. It is one of the most sacred places in Nepal that you can visit, also you will get to experience the famous Tibetan Buddhist culture while being here. Also this place is Asia’s largest stupa and one gets to experience a lot of pace and calmness of the mind while being here. Also when you are visiting Boudhanath Stupa, you must try to visit this place in the evening as this place is the most magical and beautiful during that time as it is lit up with thousands of butter lamps during the evenings.


Things to Do in Nepal

You can go ahead and enjoy some great trekking experience while being in Annapurna and Langtang region, there are many great things that you can enjoy while being in Nepal. You can experience the most exotic treks in the world while being in Nepal and especially in Annapurna and Langtang region. While trekking in Annapurna you will trek through valleys, dense forests and semi-frozen waterfalls and fall in love with the beauty of Nepal. Get Nepal adventure packages today. Experience the wonders of Nepal while trekking through this paradise like place.

Thus, these are the most famous places that you can go to while being in Nepal and enjoy various things to do while being here. Book Nepal holiday packages now and experience travel like never before.


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