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Hotel The Indus Valley

For a fun-filled family vacation or a romantic getaway, The Indus Valley, Ladakh is your idyllic destination. Set in the midst of the snow-capped mountains of the Greater Himalayas of Ladakh, The Indus Valley Hotel welcomes you to a traveller’s delight of the first of its kind 5-star facility luxury hotel.

Nestled at a breath taking height of 11,500 feet, these rooms have spacious wooden floored interiors with world-class furnishings and elegant crystal chandeliers. The room boasts of temperature control facilities and every corner of the palatial architecture is a picture frame with a story to tell.

Enjoy the panoramic view of the Stok ranges while indulging in a rejuvenating soak in your personal spa, which is embellished with five star toiletries. You can also listen to the soothing sound of the waterfalls cascading in the Orchard Garden while relishing freshly prepared outdoor barbecue. Our 24 hour Bistro has a wide assortment of recipes including piping hot bowl of noodles or steaming cup of coffee to satisfy the midnight hunger. You can also choose to interact with our seasoned culinary professionals in our live kitchen, who can cater to all your needs – from cravings for a homemade meal to an exotic international cuisine. In the end you will want to return to the Indus Valley hotel the next time you plan a trip to Ladakh.




Comprising of an enchanting space of comfort coupled with luxury, each room has been thoughtfully crafted keeping in mind all the needful conveniences. Plush interiors, fresh linens, cozy lighting and elegant upholstery adorn the room. Unwind at any of our rooms & suites – Classic Room, Premiere Room, Royal Family Suite and Indus Valley Luxury Suite – for a world of unparalleled experience.


A true escape, this room extends over 340 sq. ft. It is the perfect getaway to experience a world of comfort and luxury. The interiors of this unique space are bedecked with custom walnut furnishings, leather headboard, handmade designer carpeting, a large screen TV, a well stocked mini bar, and a modest wine rack having a rich collection of wines that you can enjoy while you snuggle into your comfortable down-filled pillows and duvet bedding for a restful night.

mini bar / in-room dining / complimentary high-speed wi-fi / complimentary newspaper / 49″ TV / spa amenities / 400 thread count linen / rainfall shower


The 450 sq. ft. Premiere room is furnished with all the amenities expected of a luxury room. It is further enhanced with comfortable leisure seating, a private balcony for you to relish a cup of hot aromatic morning tea while admiring the view of the mighty Himalayas and the ancient city of Leh. Ease off all the exhaustion of the day by indulging in a lavish bath with top of the line herbal products while being entertained by the latest shows on TV.

mini bar / in-room dining / complimentary high-speed wi-fi / complimentary newspaper / 49″ TV / spa amenities / 400 thread count linen / rainfall shower / wine rack / bathtub


The royal family suite is an epitome of grandeur lavishly prepared and fit for a royalty. Spread over 800 Sq. ft., the Royal Family Suite features a master bedroom along with a large bathroom consisting of double vanity featuring a Jacuzzi tub and a large rain shower. Spacious in nature, this opulent room provides panoramic view of the famed Ladakh Stok-Kangri peak (20,000 ft). It also has an adjoining bedroom with a queen-sized bed, a kitchenette with its own bar table and a restroom.

mini bar / in-room dining / complimentary high-speed wi-fi / complimentary newspaper / 49″ TV / spa amenities / 400 thread count linen / rainfall shower / wine rack / jacuzzi tub


A model of excellence and exclusivity, our Indus Valley two-roomed Luxury Suite occupies an 800 sq. ft. spacious live in area, which proffers a three-front panoramic view of Ladakh’s Stok-Kangri range (20,000ft), the Leh Castle and Palace. At the same time you are nestled comfortably in its lavish interiors of American mattresses, surrounded by exquisite hand-woven woolen carpets and alluring crystal chandeliers and lamps to bring a glow to your heart. You can also pamper yourself with a rejuvenating spa treatment in the comfort of your own bathroom or have delectable meals warmed and served in your personal kitchenette by a butler.

mini bar / in-room dining / complimentary high-speed wi-fi / complimentary newspaper / 49″ TV / spa amenities / 400 thread count linen / rainfall shower / wine rack / jacuzzi tub


The Indus Valley offers a host of authentic cuisines not just from Ladakh, but also from around the globe. Experience the fusion of coffee with culture at \’Tribe\’, taste the recipes dating back to the Silk Route eras while interacting with our chefs at \’The Silk Route Kitchen\’ and enjoy recipes straight from the grill against the backdrop of waterfalls at \’Orchard Grill\’.


A bistro where one can blend coffee with culture is Tribes that will serve you a hot cup of well-brewed coffee while you relax and enjoy the ageless stories of the Tribes of Ladakh come alive. Open round the clock to the early birds and the late night owls alike, the restaurant offers an array of freshly prepared meals including warm oven baked goodies and piping hot bowls of noodles.


A central part to the hotel stay as it nourishes and gratifies our guests is The Silk Route Kitchen that celebrates the culinary traditions of the Ancient Silk Route where the east meets the west. Set as a food mart on the old silk route it welcomes all for exquisitely crafted cuisines served in a luxurious ambience. It is a crossroads of different foods connecting to provide wide arrays of delicious menus of gastronomy for all taste buds while you engage in an enriching rendezvous with our chefs to finish your dumplings or pizzas in our live kitchen.


We are proud to introduce The Orchard Grill, first of its kind, a barbecue-grill center right at your table, placed in the midst of four refreshing waterfalls and surrounded by an orchard of fruit trees that serves a wholesome feast for satisfying not just your appetite but also your soul. Alongside, you can delight your senses with the almonds and cherry blossoms in springtime or bask in the enticing perfume wafting from ripened apples and pears in the garden during autumn season.


A combination of sophistication and modern technology, the immense banquet space in The Indus Valley Hotel can be used in myriad ways. From large scale get-togethers to private intimate gatherings, The Indus Valley Hotel is your one stop destination to host a successful event. Be it business meetings or grand birthday parties or lavish weddings, we are adept at catering to an array of needs.


Equipped with the state of the art technology, we provide you with a serene ambiance necessary to conduct serious deliberations and fruitful discussions. Let the ideas shower as you grab a quick bite to reinvigorate your energies with nourishing buffets coming straight out of our dining outlets.


Be them book launches or intimate private gatherings to celebrate events and birthday parties or impressive anniversary banquets, we cater to a variety of social get-togethers. The warm hospitality of our professionals along with the flow of delectable dishes that just melt in your mouth will leave the guests abuzz with praises.


Wedding is one of the most important and joyous milestone in one’s life. Make this event all about joie de vivre, an enjoyment of life, that leaves the guests gushing with admiration by entrusting the responsibility of having an immaculate function on the shoulders of our experienced and versatile team of experts.


Lying between the mountain ranges of Karakoram to the North and the Himalayas to the South, Ladakh, meaning \”the land of high mountain passes\” is an amazing place of endless discoveries. Whether it is the culture and the people or the endless beauty of its landscapes. This land is a must see and here at The Indus Valley we want to make sure we guide you in making your adventure with a life time of memories. We would like to offer you thoughtfully designed packages or you can interact with us to create your own personal customized packages.


Ladakh is a beautiful melange of tranquility and adventure. Thus, while on the one hand it is adorned with numerous monasteries that are an epitome of serenity, on the other hand, it has various hidden gems in store for adventure lovers. Taking a cue from this fascinating vibe of the city, we have orchestrated an array of indoor and outdoor activities to help visitors unwind while they stay with us.



If you are a fitness enthusiast and wish to maintain your daily dose of cardio exercises and weight training, then our gym is the perfect place for you. Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, our gym has everything that you could possibly need to stay fit – be it treadmills or dumbbells or certified fitness professionals to assist you.


If you are not in the mood to step out of the hotel and you still have a craving for some action, then a game of pool in the premises of our hotel is for you! Beat your family and friends in fun-filled games and enjoy a family bonding experience.


Take your gastronomic experience to the next level by indulging in an enriching rendezvous with our seasoned culinary professionals. This informative dialogue will leave you with a great opportunity to understand the local culture and cuisine of the land and give you an interesting anecdote to take back as you recreate this recipe at your home.


If you are one of those people who have a passion for sports that give you an adrenaline rush, then boulder wall climbing is the way for you! Be it kids or adults, everyone can experience this exhilarating activity and gratify their desire for adventure right.


Experience a tryst with the culture of Ladakh as we make your evening memorable with numerous fascinating programs that will give you an enriching insight into the culture of Ladakh. Exhibitions, art forms and local crafts add a touch of tradition and the rich heritage that is associated with this state.



Nubra Valley is famous as being the valley of flowers. But that’s not all! The valley is equally famous for being a cold desert. So, do not miss out on the opportunity to explore the fascinating topography of the region while you opt for a memorable ride on the unique double humped Bactrian camel with your family and friends.


The spiral mountainous course that characterizes the roads of Ladakh is ideal for activities like mountain biking for all thrill seekers. Not only is this a great way to satisfy your craving for adventure, it is also a wonderful way to stay in shape. This is why it is so popular among tourists and inhabitants alike.


For all those daring sportsman who would love to get a first-hand experience with nature, kayaking and White water rafting is the ideal activity for you. Enjoy the cold water of the tributaries of Indus – locally known as the ‘SingheyKhabab’, which literally means out of lions mouth – splashing against you face.


Enclosed by the mighty Himalayas on the one side and the Karakoram range on the other, the plateau of Ladakh has a breathtaking topography, which you can discover with your family and friends by signing up for a Tibetan pony ride.


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