Terms & Conditions

All airfares and prices quoted are subject to availability at the time of booking. Prices are subject to change until full payment and tickets are issued. Prices are quoted per person unless Time 2 Holidays advises otherwise. The prices set out on the Website may not include taxes, airport charges, and other additional costs, such as fuel levies, surcharges for internet bookings and seasonal surcharges. You will be notified of applicable taxes, airport charges and other charges when you have made a booking with Time2Holiodays and your booking is confirmed. Such taxes and charges are subject to change until tickets are issued. Some airport taxes are not pre-paid and it is the travelers responsibility to pay where applicable. Airlines and third party providers of travel and travel related services may change their prices, packages, flights and other information displayed on the Website at any time. All products, services and information displayed on the Website are subject to change without notice.

At the time of booking you must pay a deposit, the amount of which varies from 15000 per person up to the total cost, depending on the type of booking, and pay any balance of the cost no later than 2 weeks before departure. If you book inside 1 week of departure full payment is required at time of booking. If you do not make the required payments your booking will be cancelled. If you have paid a deposit and fail to pay the balance on time you will lose your deposit.

Payment mode are as per below option:-
   • You can visit our office and make the payment (CASH / SWIPE) Switch/Delta Cards and all major Credit Cards & Debit Cards.
      We levy a charge of 2% of total cost when you use MasterCard, Visa or American Express and a charge of 4% for Diner's Club.
   • You can deposit the payment in Our Banks.
   • You can make payment through your CREDIT CARD, for link detail kindly send us mail and also client have to send a
      confirmation mail for payment transfer.

If circumstances force you to cancel the tour the cancellation must be intimated to us in writing.

   • If cancellation is made any time not less than 11 days prior to departure, 15000/- per person shall be deducted
   • If cancellation is made 10 to 06 days prior to departure, 75% of tour cost shall be deducted
   • If cancellation is made 05 to 01 days prior to departure, 90% of tour cost shall be deducted
   • In case passenger is no show at the time of departure, 100% of tour cost shall be deducted.

CANCELLATION policy applicable for booking done as Guaranteed Booking
This is to inform you, prior to confirm your bookings which need guarantee booking that our normal cancellation policy mentioned immediately here above will not be applicable for your booking.

Your booking is having travel tour components which need guarantee booking, which means no cancellation will be allowed once booking is made for you. Therefore general cancellation policy mentioned above will be superseded by the following cancellation policy:

If cancellation is made any time once the booking is confirmed irrespective of number of days prior to departure, 100% of tour cost shall be deducted

   • We will be sending your booking status within 2 working days, in case of non availability we will be refunding you full
      payment, but once your booking is confirmed cancellation policy will be applicable.
   • Normally Tickets and hotel voucher will be delivered 2 to 3 days prior to your departure date, but it could be on the day of
      departure also if operation all required.
   • Upgrade options are available for your hotels at a minimum charge from budget to Regular, Regular to Deluxe, and deluxe
      to luxury. In case of specific choices of hotel one can customize a package according to the Requirement.

Governing Law:

Special NOTE:
Read, understood and accepted the contents herein prior to booking of travel tour components.

Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this communication as a token of having accepted the Cancellation policy applicable for booking done as Guarantee Booking and this communication supersedes any previous communication on this subject

We trust you will find above in order. If there is anything further we could assist you with please do not hesitate to contact us.

Note of Caution Before Booking of Package/Travel Tour Component Travel tour packages/travel tour components that you are intent to book from us are of such nature where one has to undertake considerable amount of walking and physical activity to enjoy them. All tours involve long hours of travelling and some tour components may include theme park activities such as speed boat rides, balloon rides and other adventure sports which are suitable only for medically/physically fit persons. We therefore, forewarn heart patients, pregnant women, senior citizens, persons those requiring special care, patients of respiratory disorder, persons suffering from arthritis, blood pressure and diabetes, not to undertake tour. There will be no medical help that can be provided during such tours. It is therefore advised not to venture if any person requires special medical attention during the tour.

There is no luggage assistance and it is expected every tourist to manage his own luggage. Some of the tourist products are without elevators/escalators and one may has to use stairs.

Inspire of the above mentioned warning tourist who undertakes tour at his own volition and risk, Time 2 Holidays will not be responsible for any medical complication that may arise during the tour. Not only this, one has to be medically fit and energetic to undertake tour packages. You must therefore satisfy yourself by undergoing medical checkup and obtain medical fitness certificate from your registered medical practitioner. Passport Policies Your passport should be valid for next six month from the date of arrival.

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